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    American Stafford Terrier is a hybrid of other dogs, so its life span is relatively short. This dog is more loyal to the owner and can get along with children peacefully, so it is also very suitable for family breeding, full of fierce fighting, in order to defeat the enemy will fight to the end. It has an amazing sense of smell, which can distinguish the good from the bad of strangers.

    The general impression of American Stafford Terrier is: strong, compact, muscular, lively, enthusiastic, like the living environment. The shape is strong, but the legs should not be too long, which is not harmonious with the shape. Very courageous.

    The disadvantages of Staffordshire terrier in the United States are also very obvious and common. First of all, it’s very famous to be a rogue, especially a male dog. Sometimes when he goes out and doesn’t want to play, he will directly lie on the ground and pretend to be dead. He can’t get up as you like, which makes people laugh and cry. In addition, when the male dog sees other adult female dogs, he will basically drool. This color is a little bit It’s eye opening.

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