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    Anatolian Shepherd dog may have a history of 6000 years, because of its size, it has left a deep impression on people. As a shepherd dog in Turkey, it plays an important role in resisting invaders. The loyalty, independence and firmness of Anatolian Shepherd dog are the three most appreciated characteristics of breeders.

    The dog first entered the United States in the 1950s. It’s a very loyal guard dog, but it’s not considered a “charismatic breed.”. The Anatolian Shepherd dog has won the praise of its master for its high wit and loyalty to work, but its independent character determines its slow response to orders.

    This breed is characterized by: tall, strong, powerful and impressive, with a very strong endurance, but also very lively and agile. The breed was developed for a very practical purpose, generally courageous in appearance, but calm, except in the case of anger, it has sufficient bone mass, muscular body and strong head. It is allowed to protect the territory. Smooth movement and calm temperament are both advantages worth advocating.

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