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    Bichon dog is a small, strong white powder puff type dog with a cheerful personality, which can be seen from its curious eyes and happy tail rolled behind. Bichon is usually more active, it has a large amount of exercise, hair is very difficult to manage. Therefore, we should also do a good job of psychological preparation and necessary homework. It is friendly, lively, has good memory, can do all kinds of actions to make people laugh, has long-term company with people, is highly dependent on the master, is very friendly, and some compared with the Bichon will be fierce to strangers.

    Whenever you see a Bichon, it’s a smiling face. If Samoye is a smiling angel, then our Bichon dog can be regarded as a happy elf. The smile of the Bichon is different from that of Samoye. Samoye is just smiling, but the mouth of the Bichon is always rising, as if there are happy things every day, and the mood is happy every day. Maybe it has something to do with its character.

    Bichon is kind-hearted, stable and gentle, especially likes playing with children. The Bichons are very loyal to their owners: they protect their owners and bark badly when strangers approach. Although lively and active, it does not need much outdoor activities, so it is very suitable for raising in the apartment. Personality is very playful, especially when he was young, naughty can be said to be the representative of his character.

    The Bichon is also a very proud pet dog. When the Bichons think they are right, they will argue with their owners and express their dissatisfaction in their own way. At the same time, the Bichons want to be cared for and cared for by their owners, and they also need to be cared for and cared for by their owners. Because of psychological diseases, such as anxiety, depression, becoming withdrawn, etc., can also be around the Bichon dog.

    If your house bred Bichon dog is raised at home instead of in the yard or in the loose, you should take time to let him out to run and play to his heart’s content every day. In short, you should make it to promote the normal operation and absorption of its digestive function, improve physical health, and strengthen the resistance to disease.

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