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    As a guard dog, Cocker Spaniel can be courageous, competent for his work, and protect the local. As a pet dog, he can be the best guard in the family, alert, brave and very loyal.

    In the absence of any foreign aid, without any command from the owner, the Mongolian dog will guard the sheep very seriously. A mature and experienced Cocker Spaniel will try to stay near the things that need his protection. Whether it is the sheep or the owner’s family, he will not be far away from hunting, and his characteristic is not to get lost.

    It is always observing quietly to do its own defense duty at any time. It is very willing to carry out its own protection responsibility for livestock, children or a cat or dog. They are reserved for strangers. They love and focus on the host’s family or the sheep they care for. They are selfless and selfless. When the family or the sheep are attacked, they will rise up to resist. It combines the advantages of love for family and sheep and devotion to duty.

    Cocker Spaniel originally bred in Hungary to protect large numbers of livestock in the vast grasslands, he is very sensitive to the requirements of his owners, but excessive training will only create a stubborn and unhappy Mongolian dog.

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