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    The character of Redbone Coonhound is very similar to that of black brown Coonhound. This dog will show great interest and patience when working, just like when hunting is playing. He is very cheerful and lively, and cautious when he is in trouble.

    Although some Redbone Coonhound have white feet or chests, this elegant and approachable dog is the only Raccoon in pure color. Redbone Coonhound have hunting instincts. They can easily be trained to sniff the hounds or chase the prey running to the trees. Like other raccoons, red bone raccoons are charming and agile. They can hunt in all kinds of weather and terrain.

    They can amazingly and affectionately make pleasant loud barks. If the puppies live in the family when they are young, they can adapt to the family life very well. Strong and agile, confident and tenacious, its elegance and meekness make it a lovely companion dog.

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