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    Rottweiler is smart, cautious and loyal to the owner. Rottweiler is a medium-sized dog, but he is energetic, stable and confident. He always gives people the feeling of courage and strength, his cool and dignified let strangers see will be deterred.

    He has the nature of defending his home and family. He is a very intelligent dog, strong, adaptable, and very willing to work, which makes him a good companion dog, guard dog and multi-purpose dog.

    Rottweiler’s behavior in the match field should be restrained, willing to accept examination and be able to adapt, and tolerant of the referee’s examination of his mouth, testicles, etc. Cold or reserved dogs are not defects, which is the general situation of this breed. Being aggressive or aggressive toward other dogs is not a defect.

    Any shy Rottweiler must leave the field. Only when he refuses to stand for examination and evades the referee can he be judged as shy. Threatening or intimidating someone (he / she) and the referee will leave when he / she approaches from the rear for a normal examination and there are any signs of danger.

    Once used to guard cattle, this dog is a smart, strong and approachable breed. Now in the aspect of police dog, it is widely praised, and it can also become a valuable family dog. The Rottweiler is an outstanding police dog and can attack intruders. In order to make this breed obey the orders, the breeder should be trained strictly. The Rottweiler was born with the ability of guard. In the middle ages, the rich businessmen hung the money bag on the neck of the Rottweiler in order to avoid stealing the money. This dog has a stable personality and is very emotional. It can also be used as a family companion dog.

    The Rottweiler is intelligent and sensible, with stable personality and absolute loyalty to its master. It is good at distinguishing good from evil, obeying the command and obeying the master’s command. Lovina is tough, steady and confident. He likes to see his family all the time, so the Rottweiler will closely follow the male and female owners around the room. It’s not easy to train Rowena. We should teach it when we are young. Otherwise, it’s hard for the master to control it when we are old. There’s a record of injury of Rowena in foreign countries. It can also be a quiet companion dog as long as it is taught carefully. The Rottweiler dog gets on well with children and enjoys playing with them. Of course, this is determined by the personality of the child and the temperament of the dog, because Rowena is very fierce to the malicious intruder, and is particularly suitable as a guard dog.

    The sense of territory and the instinct of protection of the Rottweiler dog have reached a certain level. The subjects of warning and protection are outstanding. When the Rottweiler dog attacks, it has a strong impact, a strong bite force, and a fierce tear. The trainer is often knocked down and the bitten part feels electric shock. The sense of protection of the owner of the Rottweiler dog is strong.

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