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    The pH value of dog body is not the same as ours, so we often say that we should not take the bath liquid used by people to wash the dog, which can easily damage the acid-base balance of dog body, resulting in hair loss, depilation and even skin diseases. So it’s very important to choose the right bath for dogs, so let’s talk about the choice of bath for dogs.

    There are several principles for choosing bath liquid:
    1. Choose a gentler bath liquid based on the principle of “no harm”.

    2. If you have skin diseases, you must first see a doctor for diagnosis, and let the doctor determine the treatment plan and choose bath fluid.

    3. Understand the frequency of use: if it is daily care, the frequency varies from 1-2 weeks to 1-2 months depending on the breed of dog. If it is a medicinal bath solution, it is better to wash it once a week until the skin symptoms disappear.

    4. The medicinal bath liquid should stay on the body for 10 minutes before flushing.

    5. Make sure to wash the body wash after use. Normal and dry skin, Suitable for small pets without skin diseases or dry skin. Dry skin is mainly manifested in dandruff, the main purpose is to clean and moisturize. Soap, human shampoo or body wash is not recommended, because the skin pH of pets and people is different, it will stimulate the skin. Small pets that need medicine bath can also be washed with daily bath liquid before using medicine bath liquid. If your baby’s skin is dry, you can also use moisturizer after taking a bath to help lock in moisture. Sensitive skin, Some pets are easily allergic to external medicine or body wash. Hylyt (DVM pharmaceuticals) and allergroom (virbac) are products with small allergy, which are suitable for dogs with sensitive skin. Normal greasy skin, If the skin of a pet is bright with a touch of oil, it may need a special oil control body wash. Of course, before choosing body wash, you need to confirm that it is only the problem of oil secretion, not other causes. In line with the principle of “no harm”, if there is only a little oil, it is good to use general bath fluid. Benzene peroxide is a good ingredient for cleaning pores and controlling grease. It needs to stay for 10 minutes before cleaning to achieve the best effect. Schnauzer is also suitable for dogs with oily skin.

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