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    It’s known by pet friends that they use bath gel for dogs. Many pet friends like to bathe their dogs at home. Do you know how to use the bath gel? Following will introduce you to the correct use of the dog shower gel.
    First of all, before bathing a pet dog, whether it is a long haired dog or a short haired dog, you should comb the hair first, so that the hair will not be tied and combed after bathing.
    Secondly, the water temperature for bathing dogs should not be too high or too low. Before bathing, let the dog’s paw test the water temperature first, if it can accept it.
    Third, after everything is ready, first wet the dog’s whole body with water, and pay attention not to pour the water into the dog’s eyes, ears and mouth. After the whole body is wet, remove the appropriate amount of pet shampoo (use according to the use method, because some pet shampoo can be directly applied to the dog, some need to be diluted with water first).
    Fourth, after the shampoo, gently rub the dog’s whole body with both hands. Pay attention to thoroughly rubbing the neck, buttocks, limbs and other parts of the dog. First sensitive parts such as the stomach must be gently rubbed, do not hurt the dog.
    Fifth, after rubbing, clean the pet dog thoroughly with clean water. Do not leave the bubble. It should be noted that after the dog has taken a bath, the water drops on his body should be wiped dry with a dry towel, and then the wet hair of the dog should be dried thoroughly with a hair dryer to prevent the dog from getting sick with a cold.

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