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    French Bulldog looks like Boston Terrier. Many people don’t know which breed it is. In fact, it’s not difficult to distinguish them. We can distinguish them from the following points.

    Very different faces: Although they are both square heads, they are larger in proportion. What’s more, the Boston Terrier looks younger because the Buffalo has deep wrinkles between its eyes and a flat, wavy face. French Bulldog seems to have a wider and thicker “sexy” big mouth. Although Boston Terrier’s thick mouth is not inferior to many other dogs, it is still inferior to French Bulldog.

    The most obvious is the ears of dogs. French Bulldog is a typical bat’s ear, which is separated from the left and right to catch the wind. Boston Terrier is an obvious standing ear, some of which are trimmed, even standing on both sides of the head. Tasting their faces, you will find that French Bulldog looks like an old gentleman and Boston Terrier looks like a young aristocrat.

    Back of flat slope: The back of wave is short and straight, and the trunk is square. The waist of French Bulldog is slightly higher than the shoulder, and the back line is lower in front and higher in back, because its hind leg is slightly longer than the front leg. But in any case, the two dogs will not lose their overall balance because of flat or slope. It is easier to distinguish cattle from Boston Terrier by fur color. The hair color of all waves must be a main color with white markings. These main colors are generally tiger spot, black and seal. White spot must appear in lips, eyes and chest.

    The most ideal white spot should be as follows: white runs through the head, neck and chest, and is white below the four leg hock joint. The color of French Bulldog is mainly solid, such as pure tiger spot color, pure light camel color, pure white But pure black, mouse, liver, black and brown, black and white are disqualifications. Of course, there is also a color that is easy to be confused with waves, that is, white tiger spots. If you really meet a French Bulldog with white tiger spots, you can distinguish it by its bone mass and head and face.

    Far away figure: In running, Boston Terrier has steady steps, obvious rhythm, beautiful and powerful. The French cattle may have inherited the inheritance of their ancestors, the English Bulldog. They run in two tracks. Their left and right limbs are never close to each other, but they still feel free and strong. Without looking at other places, maybe looking at their distant back, we can tell who they are.

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