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    Pet dog’s attitude to nutrition. The nutrition ratio of good dog food is indeed quite balanced. With good dog food, the nutrition does not need to be increased too much. Parents do not need to buy a lot of nutrition to move home. This is not only from the economic point of view, blind, excessive supplements, not necessarily good for dogs. Excessive intake of some substances and trace elements may even lead to irreversible consequences such as dog allergy and poisoning.

    Dog food is not everything. Moreover, the absorption of dogs is not 100%. It’s not that good dog food is used, so everything is OK. This is the key issue of my article: the pertinence of nutrition use. That is, according to the dog’s growth period and the physical needs of a certain point in time to adjust diet, add necessary things. Especially for dogs with some symptoms, it’s not very wise to use dog food to adjust their health.

    Generally speaking, small dogs need less calcium than large dogs. Small dogs don’t need a lot of calcium if they are fed high quality dog food. Large dogs are different. Therefore, the dog food specially designed for large dogs will pay great attention to the nutrition of bones. Compared with dry food, the calcium content of wet food and canned food is more abundant. If we use wet food and canned food as the main food, calcium is completely enough. If the dog has obvious calcium deficiency symptoms, and even has affected the action and physical health, it is recommended to add calcium for a period of time.

    Calcium poisoning is very rare, and in the long-term excessive premise, so parents do not have to worry too much. Therapeutic calcium supplement will not cause excessive calcium. But for the ancient animal husbandry, it is quite special, and the ancient animal husbandry has little influence on the excessive calcium.

    Another situation is that pregnant and lactating female dogs need extra calcium. If there is shortness of breath, trembling or even spasm in the bitch, it is also recommended to immediately inject calcium supplement or feed calcium gluconate, and the situation can be improved quickly.

    In general, calcium needs to be supplemented in several cases for large dogs: growing puppies, pregnant and lactating bitches, and full dog age dogs with calcium deficiency symptoms.

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