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    Because moderate stimulation can activate the brain, heterogeneous sleep + non heterogeneous sleep is the key to deep sleep. If you oversleep for a long time, the time of burnout will increase correspondingly. Conversely, it will make your body tired.

    It is believed that heterogeneous sleep has a special relationship with the arrangement of memory, and if this kind of sleep is not well mastered, it will lead to memory disorder. For example, if a dog quarrels with other dogs while walking, it will feel terrible fighting scenes in its memory, and usually generate subconscious like “never close to that place again” or “so terrible”, which is a natural behavior. Good sleep can relieve the anxiety of the dog. Although it can’t change the subconscious, it can make the dog return to peace.

    Stress is the enemy of deep sleep, which can directly hinder the body and brain to eliminate fatigue. Cold, heart disease, gastric ulcer, diabetes and other diseases are often the inducements, and then cause the dog’s stress response. If this situation continues, dogs with poor sleep will have behavioral problems, such as sudden fight back, fighting with other dogs, disobedience and so on.

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