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    We have seen trace elements of dogs on the market. Which trace elements are needed for the growth of dogs? What are the effects of these trace elements on the growth and development of dogs?

    Folic acid: Belongs to the vitamin family. It is helpful for the skin and intestinal resistance of carrots. It is suggested that the animal liver can supplement with chicken liver and carrots

    Pantothenic acid: It has auxiliary effect on vitamin A, the main effect is to improve the skin resistance. The lack of pantothenic acid often causes the dog hair thinning.

    Carotene and lutein: Carrot is a good provider of these two nutrients, which is helpful for metabolism and affects the absorption of nutrients by the intestine.

    Iodine: Promote protein synthesis; activate more than 100 enzymes; regulate energy conversion; accelerate growth and development, mainly in kelp.

    Iron: Promotes hematopoiesis, mainly in meat, eggs and animal liver.

    Copper: Enhance disease resistance, mainly in the liver of animals.

    Zinc: Helps to produce a variety of enzymes; helps to grow and develop; enhances the regeneration ability of wound tissue; increases resistance; mainly exists in animal liver and fish.

    Selenium: Helps the blood system operate and improves the immunity of blood system, which mainly exists in marine products.

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