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    Because of the best-selling of human health care products and people’s attention to pets, today’s pet food health care products come into being. Good things do not depend on nothing, but on the effect. Because the color of the nose of most dogs will become lighter with the change of season, age or diet, and the color and quality of the hair will become worse with the increase of age, etc.

    Seaweed powder on dog’s:
    1. reduces the incidence rate of pet skin disease, accelerates skin healing and promotes wound healing. Prevent allergies.

    2. Provide a large number of safe, high-quality and well absorbed natural calcium sources.

    3. Improve the disease resistance of the pet’s immune system to help fight off diseases.

    4. Help pet hair restore natural color and increase pigment.

    5. Keep the humidity of pet skin to avoid dandruff and excessive depilation caused by drying.

    6. Keep the thyroid healthy and normal.

    7. Help pet hair restore natural color, increase pigment precipitation, and promote hair growth.

    8. Relieve the pain caused by joint disease, and strengthen physical strength and endurance.

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