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    Dog food now more and more families regard dogs as a part of their families, and their living standards are also rising. From the variety of dog food, we can find that there are many kinds of dog food, such as puppy food, diet food, hair food, etc. There is also a kind of prescription food called dog. Many owners will wonder, what is the prescription food? Is it good for the dog? When do you need prescription food?
    In short, prescription food is a supplementary food for sick dogs. So first of all, make sure that dogs without illness don’t feed any prescription food at ordinary times, which is not only inappropriate but also expensive. Prescription food according to the principle of each disease, remove the substances that the dog can’t touch, increase the substances that are conducive to recovery, and help the sick dog recover as soon as possible, so it’s best to follow the doctor’s advice.
    For example, for some irreversible chronic diseases, such as chronic renal failure, you can choose a suitable prescription food to relieve the pain of dogs, make the drug effect better, and help extend the life of dogs. Now there are prescription food for dogs: prescription food for dogs’ intestines, diet, heart disease, etc.
    In the process of feeding prescription food, we should also pay attention to that the prescription amount can be mixed with common food during the excessive period of changing food, and it is better not to mix food after that. Because common dog food is to meet the basic growth needs of pets and to achieve a sense of satiety of daily food. The prescription food is formulated considering various factors of dog’s disease, but after mixing, it loses the significance and effect of use. So except for those in the beginning of the transition period, we have to stop eating.

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