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    Friends who have had dogs know that dogs can’t eat too much salt. If they eat too salty food for a long time, it will affect their bodies. So pet owners must control the salt intake of dogs. Following will talk about the disadvantages of dogs eating too salty. What are the performances of dogs eating too salty?

    Drinking water frequently. The most obvious phenomenon is that, like us, we are thirsty and want to drink water all the time. If not for the reason of hot weather, the owner should consider the problem of food salt content and adjust it in time.

    Tear mark. If dogs eat too salty in this period of time, their eye droppings will increase, and tear marks (except for congenital factors of course) will occur. Then it is the problem of too much salt in the food. At this time, the owner should check the food in time and change the feeding method in time.

    Frequent toilet use. If dogs eat too salty food, they will take in a large amount of water, which is to drain the salt out of the body. Frequent toilet use will lead to the loss of calcium and other nutrients, which is not conducive to the health of dogs.

    Hair Shedding. If you find that the dog’s hair loss is particularly serious during this period of time, if you can discharge seasonal hair loss and skin disease hair loss, it is the hair loss caused by too much salt intake, then the owner should pay attention to the usual diet problems, and timely adjustment, mainly light.

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