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    With the progress of society, people’s living standards are improving, and more and more people are nurturing Samoyed dogs. However, scientific nurturing has not achieved the ideal effect, and many owners mistakenly think that expensive things are good. Long term eating is good for pets, which is actually a mistake.

    Some owners of dogs and cats simply feed their dogs and cats with meat products or liver instead of other food, which makes them gradually develop the habit of no bad food except meat and liver. In addition, most of the dogs and cats in the urban area are raised indoors, and they are exposed to the sun or activities, so the occurrence of osteomalacia (adult) or rickets (juvenile) in dogs and cats increases; the dogs and cats who feed their livers every day can cause vitamin A and vitamin D poisoning in addition to osteomalacia or rickets. Dogs and cats suffer from osteomalacia or rickets disease, which looks healthy on the outside. However, with the development of osteomalacia or rickets disease, the gastrointestinal function is weakened, showing reduced eating, emaciation, reduced activity, dry feces, unwilling to climb high places, especially afraid of jumping from high places. The development of teeth is smaller than that of normal ones, which is easy to fall off. When touching the joint of rib and costal cartilage, there is a twist bead swelling.

    Young dogs and cats with serious depression in the waist and pelvis become narrow. Due to dry feces, defecation is difficult, constipation often occurs, limb weakness, especially in the hind legs.

    Some dogs and cats suffer from fracture of limb bones or injury of lumbar vertebrae due to jumping out of human arms or bed. Some of them are paralyzed and have to be euthanized. Adult female dogs are prone to calcium deficiency tetany after childbirth. Serum calcium was basically normal or slightly low at the beginning of the disease, and decreased in severe cases.

    Why do dogs and cats get osteomalacia or rickets when they are fed with meat or liver alone?
    The reason is that there is less calcium and phosphorus in meat and liver. The ratio of calcium and phosphorus in the diet of normal dogs and cats was 1.2-1.4:1 in dogs and 0.9-1.1:1 in cats. The ratio of calcium and phosphorus in raw meat is 1:10-32.5, and that in fresh liver is 1:36. The difference between the ratio of calcium and phosphorus required by dogs and cats is too large. Therefore, osteomalacia or rickets are easy to occur.

    In fact, the liver is not to eat, but can not often eat, occasionally eat is beneficial to the health of pets. Editor’s note: never use your dog as a mouse.

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