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    Many family owners have the habit of smoking, and they always smoke in front of their pets without any scruple. We know that smoking second-hand smoke is more harmful to people than smoking directly, and the harm of second-hand smoke to dogs is also huge. For smokers, the risk of cancer is much higher than that of non-smokers, so what’s the impact on dogs who smoke second-hand smoke. According to the continuous research, the second-hand smoke harmful to human beings also has incalculable harm to pets.

    According to a study published in the American Journal of epidemiology in 1992, the risk of lung cancer in dogs living in smoking families increased by 60%, and the risk of lung cancer in dogs with short nose was higher.

    In addition, another study in the past showed that short nosed dogs living with smokers are twice as likely to suffer from lung cancer as other long nosed dogs, which shows how serious the damage of second-hand smoke is to dogs. Some dogs will even get used to or even like the taste of second-hand smoke because of their long-term exposure to second-hand smoke, so they will have a “smoking addiction”. If you suddenly smoke less than second-hand smoke, you are likely to be restless, so be sure to keep them away from second-hand smoke.

    There is no doubt that the damage of second-hand smoke to dogs is huge, whether it is on their physical or psychological has a serious impact, if the owner really can’t help but want to smoke, then it’s better to hide in the independent space of toilet alone, only in this way can we avoid the physical damage to dogs.

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