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    The dog’s health is not only from eating but also from exercising. Both of them can reach the standard of health. The dog can not eat without moving. The weight is more and more day by day. The dog can not eat without moving. The nutrition is worse and the body is worse day by day. So what are the health benefits of dog sports?

    Dog is a kind of animal that loves sports. When the owner accompanies the dog to exercise properly, it is good for keeping the dog healthy. Through exercise, it can promote metabolism, appetite, resistance and keep healthy. In addition, the owner can enhance the relationship between people and dogs in sports and play with dogs.

    First, there should be proper exercise every day. Sometimes I go there many times a day, sometimes I don’t go there for several days. The amount of exercise also depends on the variety, age and personality. For example, a small dog should run 10-15 minutes a day, while a fast hound should run about 2-5 kilometers a day. Some small dogs, such as Chihuahua, Pekinese dog, squirrel dog are small. If they are allowed to walk a long way every day, they will often affect their heart due to excessive exercise, so they can move freely at home every day. Some dogs, such as spotted dogs, dachshunds, etc., should run faster than 15 minutes a day.

    Second, we should change the route of movement from time to time, instead of following the same fixed route every day. When going out, it is necessary to prevent it from sniffing the feces or other objects left by other dogs, let alone contacting the dogs. Don’t take him to the place where dogs gather in the epidemic season.

    Third, the summer swimming exercise is a good whole body exercise, which can make the dog develop well. The fast movement and flying obstacle in open land can make the structure of shoulder develop well and promote the development of chest, especially the front chest. In order to exercise, you can do the bicycle rope traction. After exercise, drink enough clean water for the dog, dry the whole body with a towel and brush away the dust. Do not feed immediately after exercise, at least rest quietly for 30 minutes, or vomiting will occur easily.

    Tips from the editor: If the dog has joint disease, or asthma, heart disease, post operation and other diseases that may affect the condition, it is better not to let the dog exercise violently.

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