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    Due to the recent high and low temperature, many dogs are prone to thinning. In general, as long as the dog’s spirit and appetite remain normal, it can be considered that the dog is thinned due to the sudden change of the weather. At this time, the owner should keep the dog warm properly. You can make a warm water bag for the dog to put in the dog’s Kennel, so that the dog can cover his stomach at any time.

    So if the dog has diarrhea when it catches up with the changing weather and forms a regular pattern, then don’t worry too much, because usually the dog will be better after those days. Of course, if the situation is serious, it is necessary to take some medicine to regulate the stomach and intestines.

    In addition, the owner can massage the dog’s belly, which can also play an auxiliary role in the treatment of diarrhea. The method is: massage the dog’s navel 3 inches with the palm, this position is the Guanyuan point of the dog’s Ren pulse. You should stick the palm on the dog’s belly and rub the belly in one direction, and the massage time is about 30 minutes.

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