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    The paws of dogs and dogs are their travel tools. Few dogs have the habit of wearing shoes. They have to walk a lot of roads every day. Then the dog’s foot nest is not only easy to get dirty, but also easy to get hurt. We need to take extra care of the little dog. We need warm water to wash his feet. Not only the tip of his feet, but also the part from the foot socket to the toe should be cleaned and dried one by one. If any wound is found, it should be disinfected in time.

    For long haired dogs, it should be noted that the hair of their foot sockets should be cut as short as possible to ensure that they are not easy to slip when they walk, and to prevent their toes from opening too large. Generally, small round headed scissors are used to trim their foot sockets, not only to cut them clean, but also to reduce damage.

    Too long toenails will not only affect the movement of dogs, but also may damage the indoor furniture. Dogs should form a good habit of frequent fingernails when they are young. The fingernails of paparazzi should be trimmed frequently, and the adult dogs should be trimmed once a month. The best time to trim a dog’s claws is after he has just taken a bath, when his toenails are much softer than usual and easier to trim.

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