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    Training dogs to wear mouth muffs is helpful for many jobs in the future Maybe in our opinion, the muzzle is only an emergency item. As long as the dog is gentle enough, there are many operations that can be carried out even if the muzzle is not worn. Therefore, in general, we do not deliberately train the dog to be familiar with the muzzle, and only temporarily help the dog to wear the muzzle when using it. However, the importance of mouth muffs is far higher than we think, and there are quite a lot of occasions where mouth muffs can be used. Therefore, the normal training can make the dog adapt to the mouth muff better at the critical time. There are many occasions for dogs to wear mouth muffs, and they can bring high security to themselves and others. When a dog is injured, no matter how kind the dog is, it is likely to have an aggressive behavior due to pain. If the dog is used to wearing a mouth muff and likes to wear it, there will be no problem.
    In addition, it may be necessary to wear a mouth muff when the dog is in cosmetology or at ordinary times. Instead of forcing the dog to wear the mouth muff at present, it is better to train the dog to wear the mouth muff voluntarily first, which can save a lot of trouble and better protect the safety of doctors and beauticians. At the same time, it is also to ensure the safety and health of dogs. If the veterinarian does not need to worry about being attacked, the process of consultation or treatment can be more detailed, and the beautician can also carefully clean and comb the procedure, which can be said to be the best of both worlds. In addition, the mouth muff can also help to prevent the dog from being attacked or counterattacked by others due to the open bite or trying to open bite, further deepen the bad impression on the beautician or the beauty salon, the veterinarian and the assistant or the veterinary hospital, and make it more difficult to carry out diagnosis and treatment or beauty in the future.
    Usually take some time to train them. Some owners may say that their dogs are very docile and generally don’t attack others. But there are exceptions to everything. Even the most docile dog will take some protective measures because of the pain. Some dogs suffer from serious injuries, and need to clean up the wounds, which will cause great pain. So even if the dog is usually very docile, it may attack, so it has to be prevented. In an ideal situation, if the owner can train the dog to cooperate with all the beauty and medical procedures, the mouth muff will not be used, but obviously it is not possible. In addition, in the case of the above-mentioned pain attacks, dogs often have to wear mouth muffs. Therefore, the choice we face is: let dogs willingly wear mouth muffs, or force them to risk being bitten, or scold them, and then help them to wear mouth muffs. Although we can choose the latter, a small number of dogs will give up the struggle and bear it silently, but a large number of dogs will try to dodge after one or two forced experiences, struggle hard, roar and wrinkle their nose, make a gesture to bite or really bite, bite people and bite mouth sets, the more times they are forced to wear them, the more dogs will resist. Some dogs who are not used to muzzle will constantly shake their heads and want to remove the muzzle with their claws, which is not good for beauty or medical operation.
    Therefore, it is a good choice to take some time to make the dog adapt to the mouth muff better. Of course, it’s not just about training to wear mouth muffs, but it’s about making them like wearing them. That is to say, whether a dog wears a mouth muff or not, it’s more comfortable. It’s not that although he doesn’t resist wearing a mouth muff, his excitement will get worse.

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