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    Dogs need a lot of time to sleep every day Good sleep plays an important role in dog’s health. Although we see dogs spend a lot of time sleeping every day, there is not much time to let them go to sleep. So sometimes it’s a normal performance to see dogs sleep without any spirit. It’s probably that dogs don’t sleep well at night for some reasons. Bad sleep can cause dogs to have no spirit, and appetite may be affected to some extent, so it’s better not to disturb dogs when we find them sleeping. The sleep frequency of dogs is 45 minutes, which is exactly half of that of human beings. The body and brain are in the state of “heterogeneous sleep” and “non heterogeneous sleep” repeatedly. Waking and non sleeping state play a role of connection, generally non sleeping state accounts for about 80% of sleep. That is:
    1. Enter into the sleep state vaguely;
    2. Start to sleep slightly;
    3. Enter into deep sleep;
    4. Deep sleep, which is classified into 1-4 stages, to recover fatigue and eliminate stress response, improve immunity and tidy up damaged tissues;
    5. Then the stage when the body is ready to get up. Because dogs get along with people for a long time, they are similar to the owner’s life mode to a certain extent, and also similar in terms of sleep. But because the dog’s sleep frequency is shorter than human’s, so in the sleep process repeated time is also more. If the owner’s life rule is to stay up in the daytime and stay up at night, the dog will also reverse its sleep habits day and night, but this will fundamentally disturb the biological clock in the dog’s body. For the sake of the dog’s health, this kind of owner would better consider changing his life style.

    Dog sleep is best arranged in a quieter environment. How to be considered as a deep sleep. The sleep of dogs and human and other advanced mammals, in addition to allowing the body to rest, it can also make the brain automatically rest, and play the role of sorting out memory. The deep sleep that can make the brain rest is “non heterogeneous sleep”, which is opposite to the “heterogeneous sleep” that can make the body rest. “Heteromorphy sleep” refers to the sleep in which the body is asleep but the eyes are still moving. When the dog can feel safe to the guardian and the environment around him, this safe command signal will be sent to the dog’s brain, so that the dog will gradually enter a deep sleep, that is, non heterogeneous sleep, so that the brain can be fully rested. We know that “deep sleep” is the best way to eliminate fatigue.
    However, the situation of old dogs is: with the decrease of body and function, the natural sleep time will increase, but most of them sleep intermittently, that is to say, the quality of sleep can not be guaranteed basically. If you can’t sleep well, you will not be able to sort out the damaged nerve tissue, regulate normal physiological activities such as metabolism, secrete hormones that activate the body’s functions, and be accompanied by such adverse factors as impatience and stress response. In addition, old dogs often have metabolic disorders and hypothermia, so we need to pay more attention to the living environment of old dogs. How to make dogs have a good sleep, first of all, we should provide them with a good sleep environment, the best choice is in a more quiet place, the temperature of the surrounding environment is also very important. Generally not when the dog wakes up naturally, don’t disturb the dog, so as to avoid the dog’s lack of sleep.

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