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    As the saying goes, “the body is the capital of revolution”, a strong body is what we all expect, of course, dogs are no exception. Daily moderate exercise can not only activate the muscles and bones of the dog, but also maintain the normal operation of the dog’s digestive tract, which can relieve the dog’s long-term problems such as flatulence, constipation, dyspepsia and so on.

    The amount of exercise after dog aging:
    1. It’s forbidden to do a lot of exercise. Dogs can’t do intense sports like people. The body will not be able to load the sudden amount of exercise, but will bring heart stimulation and bad effects, so it’s enough for old dogs to take them for a walk.

    2. Can’t all not exercise. Many people will want to say that the dog is old, so it should be better for him not to take him out, but it’s actually wrong. Let the dog stay at home all the time, instead, he will feel sick. Taking him out for a walk can make his mood more cheerful.

    3. Time for walking. When taking the dog out for a walk, time is very important. Do not go out at noon when the sun is stinging hot. As it is now in summer, it is likely to have heatstroke, which will make the dog uncomfortable.

    4. It can slow down aging. Exercise can slow down aging of dogs. Some old dogs only have some dementia symptoms when they stay at home later. Old dogs are afraid of loneliness, so taking them out can keep them away from loneliness, promote blood flow and promote health.

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