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    Many people know that if there is no toy with the dog at home alone will incarnate demolition office. In fact, toys are not dispensable for dogs. A small toy can not only increase the communication between owners and dogs, but also help dogs spend their time alone.

    Toys play an important role in the growth and development of dogs. In addition to making dogs happy and satisfied, it is more important to let dogs gradually learn to play with toys by themselves. When they are alone at home, they will not destroy the furniture due to boredom or dissatisfaction.

    From the time when the dog was little, he could be given 30 minutes of solitude every day. During this period, let the dog play with toys and get used to the behavior when he is not accompanied.

    Dogs between 5 and 9 months of age are in the period of tooth change, so they need to chew. Remember to observe the growth of the dog’s teeth, and timely give the chewable toy to let the dog grind his teeth. When purchasing toys for large dogs, pay special attention to the biting resistance of the toys. Avoid buying hollow and soft toys. If you swallow them into the gastrointestinal tract without chewing them, you should take them out by surgery. It’s best to choose toys with tough and solid materials. As for the small cotton thread and cotton, they will be discharged with the dog’s feces.

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