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    You may feel strange about the Caucasian dog when it comes to Caucasian dog, but if you tell you that it is the king of dogs, do you feel that you are suddenly full of interest in him?
    The Caucasian is known as a strong body, strong disease resistance, courageous temperament, calm stability, high alertness, sensitive intuition, strong will and confident personality, loyal to the master. The Caucasian is called the largest dog in the world. It is famous for its ferocity. It was forbidden to leave the country by the Soviet Union as a national treasure. It patrolled the Berlin wall and left footprints. It was even called “the king of dogs”. Caucasian dog is an old large-scale animal protection dog originated in Chechnya and other Central Asian minority areas of the former Soviet Union, which was not known by the Western dog world before the end of the cold war. As they lived in the mountains, this species was rarely noticed by the outside world in the past, so there were few records about them. In the Soviet era, they were regarded as national treasure level species, and they were also “restricted to exit”. In 1969, the Caucasian dogs finally arrived in East Germany and were given the responsibility of guarding the Berlin Wall.
    Caucasian is a relatively rare breed of dog. It comes from the Caucasus region of Russia in the middle ages. In the past, it received little attention from the outside world. It is a family care dog or a shepherd dog in the pasture. It knows how to care for the sheep and can protect the sheep from wolves.

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