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    Many people choose dogs first for appearance and second for character. Many dog parents hope there dogs are gentle and lovely. But different breeds of dogs have different personalities. Following are listing ten of the cutest dogs for you.

    Dachshund. This short legged dog with a long body. Dachshunds are bipolar in character. They may be very naughty and lovely at ordinary times, but once strangers come to the door, they will become cautious. Dachshunds, which have a lifespan of about 14-17 years, are one of the most popular breeds in the United States.

    Yorkshire dogs are very small but full of personality. Its hair is long and thick. As long as the host dress them up a little and tie a lovely bow, they will look noble and elegant. Yorkshire, who has won so many fans all over the world, is a very considerate companion dog.

    Samoyed dogs are very smart and learn very fast. Samoye’s hair is white and thick. Therefore, it is liked by many families. In order to ensure the health of the little Samoyed dog, parents must remember to clean its hair regularly.

    British Bulldog. British Bulldog appearance characteristics, although there is a big difference with Samoyed dog. But as the saying goes, radish and green vegetables are loved by each other. Therefore, the English Bulldog is a kind of dog with unique appearance, but good and loyal heart. Therefore, the charming English Bulldog has also been popular among the public.

    Pomeranian dogs. Pomeranian dogs, big round eyes, will give people a very smart feeling at a glance. It’s small and looks like a fox. Parents should pay attention to the fact that the hair of the Pomeranian is double-layer, which is divided into base hair and bristle. Therefore, the usual care is very important. It needs to be done layer by layer. In case of knots, it is not allowed to pull hard.

    Irish cedar dog. Irish cedar dog is a kind of aristocratic bird hound. The most outstanding characteristic of the Irish Cheddar is its quickness and agility. And gentle temperament, very suitable for children’s playmates.

    Husky was originally called Siberian sled dog, also known as erha. Because Husky’s body size is relatively large, in order to ensure Husky’s physical development, parents should pay attention to timely supplement calcium to it.

    Chihuahua. As we all know, the smaller and the smaller the animals are, the more likely they are to be liked by human beings. Therefore, the height of the Chihuahua is about 15 to 23 cm, which is very suitable for the parents living in the building to raise as the pet dog. However, because Chihuahua’s coat is very short and close to the body. So in the cold winter, parents should pay attention to wearing a clothing to protect them from the cold when they go out.

    Poodle. Almost no one doesn’t love poodle. Every time parents take poodle out, they will certainly attract a lot of attention and get a lot of praise. It is noble, elegant, temperament curly hair, like a foreign doll. And the long hair is also very suitable for modeling, so it has won the favor of many parents.

    Labrador Retriever. The reason why Labrador Retriever won the first place is that Labrador is currently the most registered breed in the American Kennel Club. In addition, Labrador Retriever, Siberian sled dog and golden retriever are also known as the three non aggressive dogs, so they won the first prize.

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