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    The British Spaniel is also very important for the feeding of spaniel. It should be exposed to the sun as a child, and often eat some calcium powder or calcium tablets, which can help its bone development and prevent some acquired bone diseases, but not too much, too much calcium will only backfire. A reasonable diet can make it grow stronger and healthier.

    In the process of walking the dog at ordinary times, there are always some dog lovers. They can’t help but give some of their own food to the dogs when they see their lovely appearance. If it’s ham or something like that, it may have little effect on the dog, but it’s not good for the dog to eat too much. But if some dogs can’t eat, and you don’t know, then it’s good intentions to do bad things. Originally out of love for dogs, but the result is harm to dogs.

    Therefore, it is necessary to train the dog to refuse some food, so that when you take him out for a walk, or meet some people who have bad intentions, it can play a good role in protecting him.

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