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    Although Chesapeake Bay Retriever is a carnivore, eating meat alone is not good for the healthy growth of Chesapeake in the growing process. In the age of abundant clothing and food, dogs raised are very delicate. If you want to feed them with fresh food, then your camp materials to ensure feeding can keep the dog healthy. Here’s how to keep healthy Feed the Chesapeake.

    Animal and plant proteins can be mixed with vegetables, pasta, rice, grains or other foods to ensure the protein, fat, vitamins and minerals needed for health. Basic food – meat and vegetables can provide all elements of balanced nutrition for dogs.

    Minced meat: the content of fat in minced meat is not as harmful to dogs as it is to people, and it is the main source of calories in dog food. Pasta: macaroni and noodles are important sources of carbohydrates. Because they are tasteless, they often need to add some flavor.

    Animal heart: the heart contains a lot of fat, and its heat content is twice that of the kidney or other internal organs, so you should have a certain degree of control when feeding the heart.

    Liver: like other meat, liver has high phosphorus content and low calcium content. The liver is rich in vitamin A and B1.

    Fresh fruits and vegetables: uncooked vegetables and fruits, such as carrots, cabbage and apples, are good vitamin supplements.

    Chicken: both chicken and Turkey are easy to digest, and their calorie content is lower than other meat.

    Fish: when feeding fish, you have to be very careful to remove the very small bones.

    Rice: cooked rice is easy to digest. It’s best to mix it with chicken and feed it to dogs in recovery period.

    Breakfast food cereal food – breakfast cereal food with milk, you can get rich vitamins, delicious and light.

    Scrambled egg: light and nutritious, scrambled egg is the ideal food for puppies and recovery period.

    Vegetarianism – beancurd, mixed vegetables dogs are not meat eating animals like cats. They can also survive if they eat a vegetarian diet, because they can convert plant protein and fat into the elements needed to maintain the body.

    If you want to feed all your dogs vegetarian diet, because vegetarianism is generally difficult to provide all the nutrients, you need to consult the veterinarian first.

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