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    The beauty of the Maltese dog is mainly reflected in its elegant coat, so the treatment of the coat is particularly important, of course, not just the treatment. In order to make the coat look more beautiful, you can feed it some hair powder during the feeding process to make it look more shiny.

    Because of its long hair, the coat on the head can be tied up with ornaments, or combed on both sides, so that the hair does not often cover the eyes. Asthma is a common disease in dogs, and it doesn’t need too much exercise, so don’t let it exercise too hard when the weather is sultry. For some simple training, Maltese dog is still very cooperative. He will not be angry with you if he is gentle, but if he doesn’t perform well, don’t punish him too severely. Marcus can be a satisfactory companion dog, even when he is old, he still looks energetic. If the owner takes care of him properly, his life will be long. Some can live over 15 years.

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