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    The large size of St. Bernard also determines that its food intake is not small, but similar to raw meat, do not eat more. There are many parasites in raw meat, especially in summer, which may be more serious. Ascaris is one of the common diseases in St. Bernard, so the amount of raw meat must be controlled.

    Although the amount of food is relatively large, the usual exercise should not be reduced. If obesity occurs again, many diseases will occur one by one. It’s best to regularly remove the parasites from the body, which not only helps its appetite, but also helps it absorb better. Although it is rarely used to save people in the snow, the Danish love for it has not been reduced.

    When the weather is cool, you can take your dog out for exercise. After all, it’s not a good thing to circle at home for a long time. You can also do some exercises properly while exercising, so that it can get used to it and know what will be encouraged. Sometimes we can’t judge a pet’s character from its appearance. We can only understand it after real contact. Saint Bernard is a good example.

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