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    Beagles have their own way of communication. They do not convey information in clear language like people do. But there are also ways for dogs to communicate with each other. For example, beagles use body language to express their inner thoughts. So what’s the real meaning of Beagle’s rich body language?

    The first Beagle turns over: when the Beagle’s belly is in the sky and its claws are raised in the air, it shows its humility and obedience. If a beagle does this like another dog, it means it has surrendered. If a beagle does this to its owner or family, it shows that it is showing you its kindness. Or it’s cheating on you, trying to escape some kind of punishment.

    Second Beagle wagging tail: the language meaning of wagging tail is very rich. When it is angry, ferocious, attacking, submissive and relaxed, its tail state is different. A frightened Beagle will hold its tail low and shake between its legs. The angry beagle, ready for the challenge of attack, will hold its tail high and bite it quickly. When the Beagle is relaxed and comfortable, its tail state will be the most natural, gently dragging, and then gently shaking.

    Third Beagle bow: if the Beagle raises the back end of its body, and the front end is lowered, its tail is still shaking vigorously, and its eyes are shining, which means that it wants to invite you to play together. If you are not satisfied with his hospital, the Beagle will find other ways to express his kindness. The body language of beagles is very rich, and there are many big differences in the real meaning. To really understand the meaning of body language of beagles, we should be good at observation and summary in life.

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