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    In different situations, the emotion and tone of the dog’s barking are different, so we can use this to judge some of the meanings the dog wants to express. When dogs communicate with each other or with people, dogs can effectively use their own spoken language to express emotions and convey information. The barking of dogs plays a very important role in transmitting emotions. Let’s talk about the meaning of different barking of dogs.

    There are three important indicators of a dog’s voice:
    The first is pitch. When barking and other vocal dogs are in a stable mood, their mouth is slightly opened. The low tone usually indicates threat, anger and the possibility of attack; the high tone means fear or pain, or they are not so fierce, representing happy mood.

    The second important feature of a dog’s voice is its frequency and repetition rate. The call is often repeated at a very fast frequency, representing emotional excitement and urgency; if the call has interval, or no repetition, it usually means that the emotion is not very excited, or the mood is calm.

    The third important feature of a dog’s voice is the duration of the call. A high pitched, short-lived voice usually represents pain or fear; a similarly low pitched voice, if the repetition rate is low, represents play or pleasure. It can be seen that we can get a lot of information through the barking of dogs, and we can also get a good understanding of the current emotions of dogs, so that we can get along with them better.

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