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    Pet dogs are long haired dogs. They all have thick long hair which can protect the body. If you don’t use a smooth brush and a long brush to comb it, its hair will knot easily, and the fur won’t be clean and smooth. The owner must comb it thoroughly every day, and often trim its hair.

    The owner must comb it thoroughly every day, and often trim the hair for it. The next step is to introduce:

    Step 1: at first, use a smooth brush to gently brush the knots and hair clumps on its hair. When brushing, the action should be gentle.

    Step 2: brush the whole body with a round needle brush, gently, so as not to remove the hair. After brushing, the dog’s fur should be free of any tangled knots. The thick hair under the long hair dog legs is easy to knot, and the skin here is also sensitive, so you should be very careful when combing this part.

    Step 3: comb the dog’s whole body hair with a wide comb and open some small knots. Then comb it again with a fine comb (a fine comb is recommended). Be careful not to comb with a short brush.

    Step 4: trim the long hair around the dog’s feet with scissors. Remember to trim the long hair in front of the toes. This part is easy to accumulate dust and dirt. If it is not cleaned in time, it will cause inflammation. Therefore, trim it frequently.

    Step 5: use a sharp pair of scissors to trim the long hair and fluff (long and thin hair) of the dog’s buttocks (the connecting part between the hind legs), so that the hair in this part is not easy to knot and accumulate dirt.

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