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    Dog owners all know that manicure is a very important cosmetic work. Generally, the dog’s nails should be manicured once every 3-4 weeks. Because too long nails not only affect the dog’s normal life, but also harm the dog’s health. Moreover, the dog’s long fingernails are easy to scratch the furniture and floor in the house. However, special care and attention should be paid to the manicure of dogs, especially for Scottish shepherd, which is a large breed of dogs.

    First of all, we need to prepare the proper manicure tools to trim the nails of the dog. It is better to use a nail clipper for pet dog to cut nails, and tools such as hemostatic agent should be prepared to prevent the blood vessels from being accidentally cut when cutting nails, and the owner can timely stop bleeding for the dog.

    To prune a dog’s nails, we need to start training from the puppies, so that the dogs can be familiar with and accept the work of cutting nails from childhood, which can effectively prevent the dogs from rejecting the work of cutting nails in adulthood, and also avoid the troubles in the work of dog beauty to the owners. It’s better to trim the nails of the Su shepherd dog after the dog takes a bath, because the nails of the dog have been soaked soft, so it’s easier to trim them. When manicure nails, the owner can put a paw of the dog on his leg, and then make a formal manicure.

    Manicures should be fast and stable. When pruning, pay attention to the fact that there are blood vessels and nerves at the base of every paw of a dog. Do not cut too deep. Usually, only about 1 / 3 of the paw, that is, the transparent part of the nail, can be cut. At the same time, it should be filed flat to avoid damage. Strictly speaking, in addition to the simple manicure for the dog, the owner is also checking whether there is any injury to the pillow. If there is any, it should be treated in time. In addition, the owner also prunes the fur on the edge of the pet dog’s foot pillow and toe claw to prevent the dog from slipping and falling in daily life.

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