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    As a natural sports dog, the British Spaniel is very strong in physique, powerful in limbs and a rare athlete. Their height is generally 46-48cm and their weight is about 16-20kg. Although they are not very big, there is no doubt about their ability. From the side, the dog’s head is about the same length as its neck, and its eyes are of moderate size and oval shape. The ears are long and wide, the pinna is thin, and the ear root is flush with the eyes.

    Nose bone straight, nose for liver color or black, depending on the color of the coat. The nostrils are wide and powerful. The teeth are hard and tidy, and they are scissor like. The neck is moderately long and strong; the trunk is strong and compact; the back is straight, strong and level; the buttocks are round and smoothly connected with the hind legs. The forelegs are straight, connected with the feet to form a right angle. The bones are strong, the feet are round or slightly oval, thick pads, and there are hairs between the toes. The thighs are wide and strong, and the knees are strong.

    The coat has two layers: outer coat and lower coat. The coat is neat and glossy, and it can be divided into black or liver color with white or white mark, blue or liver color with flower hair, or black, white or liver color.

    The long-term exercise makes its feet strong, stable, powerful and explosive. It is a kind of dog with great sports talent.

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