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    King Charles Spaniel is a small and well proportioned variant of the chales long haired retriever, and it was improved into a short muzzle dog due to the influence of the harp dog, also known as carpet dog. It is loved by many British elites, including Charles I and Charles II.

    Its head and body are well proportioned. It looks neither too big nor too small. Its expression is sweet, elegant and gentle. Its eyes are big and round. It is not highlighted as dark brown. It looks quite clear and beautiful. Its eyes are black. The ears are high and long with many frills, and the nose is pure black. The neck length is appropriate, the back line is horizontal in both action and standing, the trunk is short, strong and powerful. The tail is located in the front. In motion, its tail is motionless. If the tail is broken, it is better not to break more than one third of the total length. Coat medium length, silky, curly.

    Generally, there are two colors (on chestnut, there are patches of Pearl White, and ears are chestnut), three colors (on thick black, there are patches of Pearl White, and there are many brown patches on ears and tail roots), and fire red. The gait is elegant and effortless. The forelegs are stretched and firm. From the side, the stride is moderate and the walking is straight.

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