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    The ideal Neapolitan Mastiff should have a shoulder height of 26-31 inches for the male and 24-29 inches for the female. The average weight of an ideal adult male dog should be about 150 pounds, and that of a female dog should be about 110 pounds. However, the average weight should be larger than this number. As long as the proportion and function are not affected, the larger the weight, the better.

    The Neapolitan Mastiff is strong and strong, with a heavy bone, a large body and a rectangle in proportion. The length of the body is about 10% – 15% more than the width.

    The head is large relative to the body. Different from other mastiffs, it has many wrinkles, drooping lips and rich drooping meat. The line and mouth of the skull must be parallel. The face is made up of thick wrinkles and wrinkles. The necessary wrinkles are from the outer edge of the eyelids to the throat, from the lower and bottom of the lips to the outer edge of the lips.

    Melancholy at rest, alert when threatened. Sharp vision. Eyes deep, almost hidden in the drooping upper eyelids. The lower eyelids droop, revealing a flash. The length of the dog, that is, the length from the shoulder to the hip, is 10-15% larger than the height of the dog, that is, the height from the highest point of the shoulder to the ground. The depth of the thorax is equal to half the height of the dog. The ribs are long and elastic.

    Wide back, strong. The highest part of the scapula rises almost above the strong, horizontal topline. The tail is slightly lower than the topline, wide and thick at the root and tapering to the tip. One third of the tail is to be broken. The rest of the tail is straight or suspended in a slight “s” shape. When moving, the tail is raised horizontally or slightly above the topline.

    The coat is short, dense, and the whole body is the same length and smoothness. The hair is straight and not more than 1 inch long. No fringes.

    The Neapolitan Mastiff is not graceful, but rather slow and clumsy. General gait includes walking, jogging, galloping and jogging. The stride is long and elastic, and at the same time it is very powerful, especially the extension from the back drive to the front leg has a long driving force. There are body swings and swings in all walks. Walking slowly on display will not be penalized. It’s normal for the front leg to paddle a little. Raise the head horizontally or slightly above the back.

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