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    Every dog has a “name”. This name is not freely obtained by parents. It is fixed and represents a race. All dogs with the same characteristics should belong to the same breed. For example, Poodle, Akita dog, Shiba Inu, etc. These names have a long history and may be mixed with many complicated stories. Do you know the historical origin of Akita dog’s name?

    In fact, the name of Akita dog is mainly based on the place name. According to relevant historical records, Akita dogs developed in the early 17th century. At that time, an aristocrat in Japan was exiled to a place called Akita to be a local official. The aristocrat liked dogs very much. His own dogs began to encourage the landlords of the territory to raise capable and intelligent hounds. After several generations of breeding, breeding, the Akita dog was born. Akita dog is a big, strong hunting ability, hard-working, brave and loyal dog. Therefore, this kind of excellent dog is named Akita dog. Akita dog is produced in Japan and is honored as “national dog”. Many Japanese friends have heard about wolves and Akita dogs since they were very young.

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