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    The healthy poodle nose is wet, full of energy, greedy for food, drink and play, so when your poodle is suddenly in a different state of vivacity from the normal one, the owner should pay attention to the observation.

    No appetite: first, take the dog’s temperature, which will be slightly different according to the normal temperature of individual dogs (small dogs will be slightly lower than large dogs, and young dogs are also lower than adult dogs), but generally above 40 degC and below 36 degC should be paid attention to.

    Loss of both eyes: the eyes are congested, with tears, too much eye dirt and thick color are abnormal.

    Dry nose: if you are not sleeping or just waking up, you should keep your nose cold and wet. Dry nose or nose water may be a sign of fever or serious illness.

    Halitosis: it is suspected that it is the fault of digestive organs and teeth. When the mucous membrane of gingiva is white, it is a symbol of anemia, while yellow may be jaundice. Redness of tongue may be stomatitis.

    Ear fever: the dog’s ear should be the coldest place in the whole body. When suffering from otitis externa, otitis media, scabies and ear flat fleas, the ear will become hot. In addition, it is also evidence of the dog’s fever.

    Abnormal urine color: when healthy, the urine color is wheat color. If it becomes too thick, bloody or milky, it may be a sign of kidney disease and cystitis.

    Abnormal stool: dysentery in water, blood in stool in eggplant sauce and black stool are abnormal, which means that there may be parasites in dogs’ intestines, or they may suffer from enteritis and hemorrhagic infectious diseases.

    Vomit: the degree of vomit due to swallowing foreign body is not vomit, otherwise it can be regarded as the omen of various infectious diseases, kidney diseases, spleen diseases, peritonitis, etc. If you keep vomiting, you should take the vomitus and sick dog to the veterinary hospital for examination.

    Wipe buttocks: wipe buttocks on the floor due to itching marks around the anus, indicating that there may be parasites, dermatitis and bursitis in the intestine.

    Scratch the body: because of scabies parasitism or eczema and make the skin itchy, the dog will only scratch or bite the skin.

    Cough: coughing constantly, wheezing and barking not caused by exercise are weak and weak. At this time, it is necessary to cooperate with the doctor for reasoning diagnosis.

    Walking unsteadiness: gait unsteadiness, whether there is any injury to the leg or some part of the body, if found, please see a doctor in time.

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