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    Nowadays, more and more dogs are suffering from dental calculus. The health of their teeth has attracted the attention of pet owners. In fact, as long as we do the right dental care for dogs in our daily life, we can also prevent some oral diseases.

    So when can dogs start to brush their teeth, and how to brush their teeth correctly?

    Parents should brush the dog’s teeth 2-3 times a week from 6 months. At first, the dog will not adapt to resistance, but if they insist on doing it, they will form a better habit. First, take a gauze strip and dip it in a little physiological saline to wrap it around the index finger, and then wipe the gums and crevices in sequence. The action should be light to avoid damaging the gums. After the dog adapts, dip in a little pet toothpaste to brush his teeth. This toothpaste does not need to rinse, but can be dried by himself.

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