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    Dog parents who keep long or curly haired dogs at home will be confused by the problem of grooming. If they don’t pay attention to grooming, they will form hair knots. How can I comb my dog’s hair correctly? Only by doing the right grooming can the dog feel at ease and not resist when grooming.

    1. Combing the dog’s coat first is a very important part in the daily maintenance of the dog’s coat. It is simple and can promote the dog’s blood circulation and reduce the hair loss at home.

    2. The time of combing. The time of combing. Comb once in the morning and once in the evening. Comb for 5 minutes every day. Don’t comb too frequently, but don’t be lazy.

    3. The order of combing is from the neck, from the front to the back, from the top to the bottom, first from the neck to the shoulder, then according to the back, chest, waist, abdomen, hindquarters, then comb the hair, finally the limbs and tail, and then comb the other side.

    4. Pay attention to the carding of bottom hair. The carding should be done quickly along the growth direction of hair. Some people comb the long hair on the surface of a long haired dog and ignore the bottom hair. The undercoat of dog is soft and dense, which is not combed for a long time. It is easy to form tangles and even cause eczema, dermatophytosis or other skin diseases. When combing for a long haired dog, it should be combed layer by layer, that is, turn up the long hair, and then comb its bottom hair.

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