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    The molar stick is a common snack for dogs. For Teddy dogs who are easy to have “double row teeth”, feeding the molar stick is also a way to clean the mouth. So how can I choose the right molar for my teddy dog?
    1. The size should be moderate. When selecting the molar stick for the dog, we must pay attention to the size of the molar stick. Too large molar stick is not conducive to the dog’s gnawing, but if the molar stick is too small, it is easy to swallow the whole, so it is stuck in the throat. The second is hardness. Although it is used for grinding teeth, it is snack after all, so the hardness should not be too large, otherwise some dogs are stubborn and do not stop biting, which is easy to hurt the dog’s teeth.
    2. We should pay more attention to the feeding. Dogs usually pay more attention when they chew the molars, so they won’t pester us, but we can’t take it lightly. We should pay more attention to it. The time of biting should not be too long. After a period of time, you can let the dog rest. A long time of biting will hurt the dog’s gums and teeth. At the same time, it can also train the dog to give up the bite and form a certain degree of obedience.
    3. For light colored dogs, it’s better not to choose colored grinders. Some colored grinders will have a little bit of pigment. If your white teddy dog chews for a long time, the color will probably all fade on the fur of his feet. It’s also troublesome to clean up at that time, which will have a certain impact on the overall image of the dog.
    4. Regular replacement of molar bars. Such snacks as molar bars can not be eaten for a while and a half, so they are usually used many times. But it will be put there after every bite, which will inevitably cause some pollution. So it’s better not to use the molar stick for too long. After a while, you can replace it with a new one. Otherwise, if you chew an unclean molar stick for a long time, the bacteria will probably enter the dog’s intestine, cause the dog’s stomach discomfort, cause the dog diarrhea and other related problems.

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