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    The main way of communication between dogs and their owners and the outside world is by barking. Experienced owners are very thorough in handling the little tricks of dogs, but it’s troublesome for new owners. When dogs bark, they can neither find the reason nor the solution. Barking not only affects family members but also neighbors, but also can’t beat and scold Method to solve the problem! So what should we do?
    The advice is to find out the reason why the dog barks first, and then try to solve the problem.

    Several reasons for barking of dogs:
    1. Tension, anxiety and fear. When the owner leaves and leaves the dog alone, he may feel bored or stressed, because of uneasiness and anxiety, barking may occur; occasionally, he may damage furniture and articles, urinate at will, or have more other behaviors Deviation on.

    2. Guard against angry driving. Because dogs have a strong regional concept, if they are not confident or have a sharp personality, there will be barking behavior.

    3. Exploratory attention. When the dog has needs and wants to attract other people’s attention, this kind of barking condition is usually one barking with a fixed frequency. If you want to test the surrounding environment, whether it will respond because of its barking sound.

    4. Play with friends. When the dog meets the companion who wants to play together, the barking sound will appear in the process of the game, and it is quite happy and lively.

    Strategies to solve the problem of dog shouting
    It is natural for dogs to shout. However, if a domestic pet dog keeps shouting, it will not only bring inconvenience to his own life, but also add a lot of trouble to his neighbors. Therefore, the owner must let the dog learn to stop shouting. However, not all dogs will follow the owner’s wishes. When the dog yells excessively and doesn’t listen to the owner’s advice, the owner will find a way to solve the problem. We summed up five strategies to solve the problem of dogs shouting, hoping to help you.

    1. Response. The response here does not mean that every time the dog shouts, the owner should give a response. When the dog and the owner are not in the same room, the barking may be to tell the owner some information, and the owner shall respond to the dog according to the actual situation. For example, when there is a loud noise outside the door, the owner can first check whether there is a problem. After confirming that there is no problem, the owner can comfort the dog and tell him “nice, but it doesn’t matter” and so on.

    2. Exercise. When dogs are tired playing outside, they will not waste their energy and shout endlessly when they come back home. Although exercise is a good way, dogs spend more time at home. In order to pass some time, the owners may as well buy more toys for dogs. In this way, the dog will not be too boring and call to attract the owner’s attention and ask the owner to play with them.

    3. Avoid. Some dogs will shout when they hear a little noise. The owner can avoid the dog at this time. Because if you really respond to them, they will form this habit in the future. When dogs find that every time they shout because of something small, the owner doesn’t pay attention to themselves, and they will stop shouting wisely.

    4. Reward. Not all dogs may know the meaning of the owner’s avoidance, so if the dog can’t understand the meaning of the owner, the owner can take the most direct method – stop drinking. You can severely drink and scold the dog to stop. If the dog can stop, give him a little reward. In this way, it is easier for the dog to know that as long as he keeps quiet, he will be rewarded.

    Barking originally belongs to a way of expressing emotions and thoughts of dogs, so we should try our best to understand their behavior. Now many breeders will choose the most cruel way to remove the vocal cords of dogs when they are unable to do anything, which deprives the right of barking. In fact, it is unfair for dogs. What is important is that there will be barking of dogs It’s not loud but hoarse. So we need to find a reasonable solution, so as to fundamentally solve the problem.

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