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    Many dogs have bad breath because they clean their mouths irregularly. Parents are worried. Especially in summer, the smell is really bad. So how can we alleviate it?

    You can buy beef hide and bone dog biting glue or an imported greees tooth cleaner (or a deodorant biscuit) to bite the dog will help the dog change teeth. As for the front canine primary teeth, you don’t need to pull them out urgently first. Try to play tug of war with the dog more often, which will also speed up the time when he takes off the canine teeth. The latter permanent teeth have been fixed, and the parents must give them at least one week The method described above can be used to clean the dog’s teeth once. In addition, how to choose the dog’s special tooth cleaner (including toothpaste and dental spray) is up to the parents’ discretion.

    In addition, it should be noted that it’s a wrong idea to leave the clean bones to the dogs to bite. If it’s deodorant biscuits or small cowhide dog chewing gum, it’s OK to bite the dogs. But when feeding the dogs with the clean bones, parents should take the clean bones to feed the dogs, and let the front teeth, left and right back molars of the dogs be able to bite Swap the bite to the clean bone, so that the clean bone can make the best use of everything. Otherwise, the clean bone may be bitten by the dog three or two times in five minutes (less bite and more swallowing). The beautiful name of the clean bone is actually just a dog snack. If the above steps have been followed to clear the dog’s halitosis but have no effect, parents need to consider carefully observing whether the dog has the halitosis caused by leptospirosis.

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