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    A healthy dog is naturally good at keeping clean. They comb themselves by rolling and rubbing on the ground, scratching the tangled fur and licking the fur. Unfortunately, they can also tumble over harmful substances, such as other animals’ excrement, which may wipe their fur with something that humans think smells bad, which sometimes requires grooming for dogs and occasional bathing.

    While breeding dogs, people also change the texture and length of the coat, so the combing methods and tools are different.

    1. The usage of comb for dogs is comb. 2. Use a fine tooth comb to separate the inner lining fine hairs (bottom hairs), remove the dead hairs, and pay attention not to pull hard to avoid hurting dog. 3. When the hair knot cannot be combed, it can be gradually untied from the outside or by hand, and then combed.

    The usage of the stiff brush:
    1. The stiff brush is usually used for finishing the hair after the comb.

    2. The length of the teeth of the rigid brush should be able to reach the skin through the hair layer, and the too short rigid brush will make the hair knot easily.

    3. The short tooth rigid brush can be used with the short hair variety, and the long tooth rigid brush should be used for the long hair dog.

    4. Brush the hair from the head of GG, along the growth direction of the hair, backward and downward, the reverse brush will hurt the hair.

    The usage of the brush board
    The brush board is on a square board with a curved metal mask and a handle. The purpose of the brush board is to remove dead hairs.

    Usage of brush gloves. The grooming effect of the gloves is not ideal.

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