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    All dogs love their companions as long as they can play with them. Dogs are very simple. They don’t pretend to like people or things they don’t like. If possible, dogs want to have their partner’s love alone, so when a rival appears and loses their partner’s love, they will be jealous and jealous. There are different ways for dogs to express their jealousy. Some dogs don’t care, some feel helpless. Some dogs will bark and express their jealousy when they see their companion holding up the kitten.

    In order to alleviate this jealousy, we need to let them understand that their companions still love and care about it. More complicated than cats is their jealousy of puppies. When your dog first saw your little baby, they won’t think the baby is weak. And your dog would envy the baby and bark at him. In order to avoid this situation, the preparation stage before delivery is very important. A toy the same size as a baby can be prepared as the delivery period approaches. Treat this toy as baby care, and the behavior of these care should let the dog see that when the dog is used to toys, it will not hold the real baby with vigilance. You can hold the baby close to the dog and make it familiar with the taste of the baby, and treat the dog in the same way as before. Over time, the dog will understand that the baby is weak and will love and protect him like a puppy.

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