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    There are many factors that can cause dogs to become more restless.

    1. Fear. Dogs tend to become anxious in the face of unfamiliar environment, too many strangers or the same kind with a large size. In this environment, dogs will have an instinctive self-defense mentality, and will try to bow up and bristle, so that they can look bigger, hoping to scare off each other. If the other side doesn’t understand their own meaning and comes forward or doesn’t eat this set at all, then the dog is likely to attack them. In order to improve this situation, the owner is best to appease the dog when he shows uneasy mood, so that he can rest assured, usually contact with the outside world more, and let him gradually get used to it.

    2. Dogs are often nervous to the outside world because they are not properly socialized during their psychological development and have not been exposed to the outside world for a long time, which is very harmful to their growth and psychological development. Young dogs do not know how to deal with the outside world, and the nature brought from the mother makes them use their teeth to protect them Protect yourself, but because you don’t get the owner’s instruction and in-depth understanding of the outside world in time, you will develop the habit of “speaking with your teeth” when your dog grows up, and it’s as simple as taking an attack as a routine. Therefore, we should make a caring and teaching education policy when the dog is young. We should not restrict the freedom of the dog. At the same time, we should often let the dog contact with the outside world and other dogs. We should share toys and food with other dogs as much as possible. We should cultivate the dog’s open and peaceful mind. When there is a conflict, we should stop the dog’s aggressive behavior in time and let it know how to bite It’s not right. After a long time of familiarity, they will be able to deal with the outside world calmly and get along well with strangers or dogs.

    3. Big dogs have some innate advantages, so many big dogs usually attack recklessly to achieve their dominant position. But we should stop this kind of superior psychology properly. You can’t pamper a dog on weekdays. At the same time, you can train him to feel frustrated, change his arrogant character, and let him obey his orders. Dog is easy to be irritable during lactation.

    4. The reason of breed is that dog’s character can be said to be inborn, but it can be greatly improved through the cultivation and training. For example, bitdogs, Tibetan Mastiffs and other dog breeds, almost see other breeds of dogs will go up to fight with them, but if they are educated from childhood, if they are found to have a tendency to attack, they should be stopped and educated in time. If they are improved from childhood, it will be of great help to the change of personality.

    5. It’s normal for a lactating dog to be anxious. In their opinion, all the strange things will do harm to her baby. Even in the face of the owner, they are not as intimate as they usually are. Therefore, for a lactating bitch, it’s better not to disturb them or let strangers get close, so as not to be bitten Wound.

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