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    There are always some bad habits in the eating habits of the dogs raised in the family, and some stray dogs rescued by the good Samaritans will have more bad habits when eating.
    Following will explain the three common bad habits of dogs when they eat in detail. Owners can see if their dogs also have such problems.

    1. Hide to eat: It’s probably afraid of being seen to eat. This kind of dog likes to hide to eat, far away from you. Without seeing its appearance, it is hard to judge whether it is full and whether the food is in line with its appetite. In the face of such a dog, the owner needs to be patient and loving enough to care about it. Don’t hurt it because of his impatience and impatience. For this kind of dog, one injury may make it remember for a long time. May as well slowly approach its side, while gently comforting it while stroking its head, tell it “rest assured.”. No one will take your food. I believe dogs will understand. Especially this sensitive and vulnerable dog. It will understand the goodwill of others for its release.

    2. Stop eating when there is a little movement: because of the reason of character, this kind of dog is particularly sensitive, and a little movement will cause its inner tension and panic. For example, when it bursts into food, even if it is close to its owner, its nerves must be highly nervous. It should stop eating immediately. It is tense, full of alert and panic.

    3. Being hungry or not being full doesn’t mean that a dog of this type will not like the first two dogs because of its cowardly and submissive character, and it’s better to stay as far away from people as possible. In the face of such a dog, you need to think more about it.

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