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    For the sake of dog’s health, every dog owner should give them insect repellent regularly. Generally, we use the way of giving them insect repellents. The response of each dog will be different after eating the insect repellents. But generally speaking, there are three main reactions. The owners should also know something about them.

    1. No reaction type. This kind of dog has a healthy body, good gastrointestinal function, good taste and no uncomfortable reaction at all. Such a master would have much less to worry about. For this kind of dog without any adverse reactions, as long as you pay attention not to give it any other food within two hours after eating the medicine, so that the effect of insect repellent is better.
    2. There is no mental type. This is the response of most dogs to take insect repellents, which is also relatively normal, and the owner does not need to worry too much. This proves that the medicine works. Dogs are uncomfortable but can resist it. There will be a series of symptoms such as slight vomiting, laxity, etc. don’t tease the dog to play at this time, let them have a good rest and build a quiet environment. But still pay attention to its mental state, prepare some clean water, so that it will recover vitality in half a day to a day.
    3. Some dogs with a weak stomach or an old age will have a greater response to drugs, pull and vomit, or even retch. Generally, this is not a very big problem, as long as the efficacy is over, the symptoms will gradually improve. But in this way, the owner will spend more energy, pay attention to the dog’s mental state, and once the symptoms are not relieved after more than 24 hours, they will be sent to the hospital for examination.

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