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    The importance of strong bones for dogs is self-evident, most dogs like and are good at running, if there is a problem with the bones, it will affect their ability to move. Therefore, it is very important and necessary to keep the dog’s bones healthy, but we should also pay attention to the methods for the maintenance of bones. The wrong methods may backfire, so let’s talk about three misunderstandings in the prevention of dog bone disease.

    1. The dog is growing, so it’s wrong to supplement calcium! Different from what we think, too much calcium will not help dogs grow, but will lead to hormone disorder in regulating blood calcium content in dogs, which will seriously affect the normal development of bones. In serious cases, it will lead to dog osteochondrosis, and it is also one of the important factors in the change of dog hip dysplasia. Therefore, in order to make the dog grow fast and grow well, it is a typical way to supplement calcium.

    2. The dog should be strong, so the higher the protein content of dog food is, the better – wrong! The results showed that the diet with different protein content had no significant effect on calcium metabolism and bone development. However, excessive protein will increase the growth rate of dogs, indirectly causing negative effects. Therefore, high protein food will not help the growth and development of puppies.

    3. Dogs need a lot of energy to grow, so they can eat dog food at will – wrong Dogs do need more energy to grow than adult dogs (Note: relative to the weight of the dog), but if the dog decides how much to eat, most dogs tend to eat more (they don’t know much), and the commercial volume is to meet the standard of AAFCO (the energy shall not be less than 3.5kcal ME / g, and the protein shall not be less than 22% dry matter) They tend to be high in calories. Therefore, when the dog decides how much to eat, it will always lead to excessive energy intake, growth rate beyond the normal range, and increase the risk of hip dysplasia and chondropathy. The owner is always happy to see the dog grow fast, but it is not necessarily a good thing to keep in mind that the dog grows too fast.

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